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MAN Consumer Launches New Brands

Dubai, UAE  February 1, 2015:  MAN Consumer the consumer products division of MAN Investments LLC, is proud to announce the launch of several new brands. Led by its flagship brand Gulf Farms, MAN Consumer intends to cater to customers seeking quality and value. Gulf Farms will offer products across various segments including Starches, Dairy, Fruits & Vegetables, Sauces & Dressings and Culinary products. "In the food sector, consumers throughout the UAE and the region continually seek quality and value. The Gulf Farms brand presents this value proposition through an attractive basket of products" said Taranjit Singh the GM of MAN Consumer.  Other brands from MAN Consumer include Flave (Biscuits, Cookies, Confectionery and Beverages). In the HORECA and Foodservice segments MAN Consumer has launched Chef's Desire a range of food and culinary products. The new brands add to already exciting portfiolio of products from several regions including, Latin America, Asia, Europe the USA and Canada. Gulf Farms, Chef's Desire and Flave along with our global portfolio of products can be found nationwide and in select markets internationally across all distribution channels. For more information please contact Taranjit Singh at MAN Consumer +971 (4) 259 9995.  

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