The Foundation of Our Success


Innovative Thinking
Committed to Success

Deeply committed to fostering growth and creating value, we actively support our portfolio companies in order to create robust, well positioned companies with excellent long-term prospects.

Our Process

It’s simple, we strive constantly to create partnerships that benefit the wider economy and society.

What are our requirements

For those companies that share our vision we look forward to having a conversation with you. Sharing our vision is but one of the key elements we look for in evaluating our partners. Those with attractive products and services, a global perspective and the flexibility, drive and determination to succeed are the partners that will drive our success

How we can support you

A local hand to guide you. As we evaluate each partner, we understand the differences and offer flexibility across a range of partnership models. We support our partners through providing equity capital, strategic guidance, and a robust infrastructure to tackle various market sectors

What we can achieve together

Quite honestly, the opportunities are limitless. Dubai, the UAE and the region continue to grow and evolve presenting numerous opportunities to expand existing business and develop new ones across a variety of sectors and sub sectors. Working hand in hand with our partners we can grow together and capture the possibilities that reflects Dubai.