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Attractive Sectors That Unlock Regional Potential

Investment Sectors

Historically known as a region endowed with significant natural resources, the Middle East continues to transform embracing new sectors as economies become more competitive, globally connected and populations evolve. Sectors such as oil and gas have given way to new ones such as technology, tourism, healthcare, etc. MAN has structured its investment portfolio to keep pace with this growth and regional transformation. We continue supporting companies that are tied to the historical sectors but have focused on developing and growing business to take advantage of the new economic reality across the region. Today we are focused on sectors such as digital media, hospitality, and security.  These are just some of the sectors that will drive future growth for MAN and its stakeholders

We carefully evaluate potential partners and companies applying a disciplined investment criteria. Our approach ensures that we select the companies whose managements, business models and visions are closely aligned with those at MAN. Our criteria focuses on the following:

  • Large sectors that are fragmented or inefficient.
  • New sectors with growth driven by transformative macro fundamentals.
  • Companies with unique or innovative products and services that benefit consumers regionally.
  • Management teams with the vision of creating value for stakeholders.

The numerous opportunities that exists locally, regionally and globally help to sustain growth at MAN for the foreseeable future.