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About Dubai

Dubai remains one of the most successful economic stories in the region. With historical ties to regional trading activities, the emirate continues to leverage its strategic location with new economic sectors driving its growth. Today, logistics, trade, transportation and tourism account for almost 60% of Dubai’s GDP. Key advantages to doing business in Dubai include an attractive legal framework, protection of intellectual property rights, acres to financing, a highly competitive labor force and the openness that comes with being a world class trading hub.

To retain its leadership position in the global cargo and re-export markets, Dubai hosts a world class infrastructure. It is home to Jebel Ali, the largest man made port, and Port Rashid which remains one of the busiest ports in the region. Add section on airports

The global nature of Dubai makes it a perfect host and important destination for well know global brands across a variety of sectors. Dubai remains one of the most important destinations for product launches second only to London. Dubai’s importance to global brands highlights the customer potential of the region and a high level of visibility for companies positioning themselves with consumers from the east and west. The over 60 million travellers transiting through Dubai and the UAE every year guarantees a global audience and a high level of visibility for many products and services.

In 2020, Dubai and the UAE will play host to the World Expo; an event expected to welcome over 25 million visitors. With preparations underway, numerous business opportunities are being created that will provide returns up through and long after the Expo. Consumer products, technology, tourism, renewable energy, construction, security and services are but a few of the sectors expected to benefit from the event. MAN and its Group companies are well positioned to take advantage of these exciting dynamics.

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